I finally have a permanent altar space in my new house! Y’know that bookshelf I mentioned earlier, well it now contains most of my pagan stuff. The top is an altar, the second shelf is full of assorted magic and ritual gubbins, and the bottom two shelves are books on magic, folklore, mythology and herbalism (along with a few odds and sods that don’t fit on the top shelf). Oh and there’s a book about tea, but it felt like it ought to be there. 

It’s not got all of my religion-related stuff on it, I don’t like compartmentalising my life (or my stuff), but I’m so happy I’ve finally got a focal point. Yay for me!

It’s not completely finished and everything’ll probably get shifted about in a few days but yeah.


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    This is actually brilliant… I may steal this idea…
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    If I could have an altar, it would look like this
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