Knit scale maille progress! It’s warm! It’s armour! It knits up suprisingly fast! 

The gloves/gauntless are pretty much done. They knit up in just a couple of hours; great instant gratification knitting. They take about 200-300 scales each (knit in Debbie Bliss cashmerino in case you wanted to know).

The hood is going to have a collar/cowl thing added to keep it in place so I can wear it down. The collar will only have scales at the front, it’s getting kind of heavy and they’re a bit cold against the skin. The hood has about 1000 scales on it (and weighs a fucking ton) and was knit with an aran malabrigo (can’t remember which one off hand).

I may also have to make epaulettes. And maybe lapels. And maybe a necklace. I have a problem.

Scales were bought from beadsisters. Please excuse my face.


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