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I was tagged by brsis (you’re mean)

1. you have a ship! it can be any kind of ship. what’s it like and what’s it called? who do you have on your crew?

Ooh I’d have a space ship. It’d be sleek, black and full of weird alien tech, like a cross between the Vorlon and Shadow ships in Babylon 5 (because B5 has the prettiest ships and if you disagree you’re wrong). It’d probably be smallish, an exploration ship rather than a warship. My crew would be made up of six or seven really trustworthy humans (preferably people I know already) and as many aliens as the ship has space for. I’m not fussy about my alien buddies. They can be hot humanoids or vague sentient blobs or vicious man-eating raptors, it’s all good, we’re very inclusive like that.

2. if you had a psychically bonded animal companion what would it be?

An aye-aye. Nocturnal, slightly spooky, clever at certain things but also a total dork.

3. what do you order in a coffee shop?

Double-shot Americano and a lot of sugar.

4. what’s a skill you’d really like to learn or develop?

Oh gods, lots of things. I’d like to learn some sort of metalworking. That might be useful.

5. for maximum comedy value, who plays you in the film version of your life?

Jessica Stevenson. Or possibly Brian Blessed.

6. what is your zombie apocalypse survival plan?

Stay in the city. Join some trustworthy folks, barricade ourselves into a shop. Maybe a department store (yes I saw Dawn of the Dead, but come on, where else has plenty of supplies and ample cooking space?) or at least somewhere I know well. Somewhere with a cafe, so we have cooking space. Raid pharmacies and supermarkets for medication and food. Find some weapons, preferably a recurve bow and a chainsaw, but at the very least an axe or a machete or a cricket bat. Make sure everything is secure and everyone’s happy, then start our own glorious queer punk-rock society in the ruins of Oxford city centre.

7. what do you put on your pancakes?

Bacon and brie, if I want savoury; chocolate spread if I want sweet.

8. you can make a hollywood blockbuster movie of any book of your choice - what’s it like, who do you cast?

Oh boy. I’d do a (n almost) book-accurate adaptation of Phantom of the Opera (but you knew that already, right?) I’d film in the Palais Garnier itself as much as possible, and use Stage 28 for the rest of the interiors. Rick Baker would do the effects makeup and Coleen Atwood would do the costuming. Casting… um… I’d probably have Doug Jones under the makeup as Erik, but with a bunch of people doing the singing voice (because dude has to have a preternatural range and I honestly can’t think of any one singer who could pull it off. Digital fuckery all the way). Christine would have to be a soprano, you’d have to have too many scenes of her singing to dub realistically, possibly Anna Netrebko in a wig? I don’t know, I’m a bit out of the opera bubble. Shaun Toub would be The Persian. Tom Hiddleston could be Raoul. Anthony Head and Hugo Weaving would be Moncharmin and Richard. I think I’d write the script. Guillermo Del Toro would direct.

It’d be the dark, Gothic-romantic detective story I always wanted, complete with lots and lots of songs from Faust and all that business with paper clips and ventriloquism, the lot. 

I’m getting carried away. Someone get me an agent, I need this to exist

9. high-scale genetic engineering is a thing, what do you make?

Dragons. Huge, fire-breathing, sentient dragons with pterodactyl wings and claws like steak knives. Preferably dragons that would let me ride them, but I’m also okay with them strolling behind me everywhere I go.

10. what would be the best circumstances in which to hear one of your favourite songs by one of your favourite artists? 

At a private gig, performed in the Egyptian gallery of the British Museum long after it closed. With everyone in ridiculously fancy dresses. What? A girl can dream.

11.  what is your preferred sleepwear?

Cotton pajama bottoms and band t-shirts with the necks cut out.

Right time for my questions!

1. Your life gets turned into a movie. What song plays over the opening credits?

2. You’re making a video game with the biggest budget known to humanity! What’s it going to be like?

3. What’s the first thing you do when you get up?

4. Ever walked out of a movie? If so, which one and why? If not, what would it take for you to walk out?

5. What was the last thing you did that you’re really proud of?

6. What’s you’re all-time favourite trope?

7. Do you keep your shoes on in the house or take them straight off at the door?

8. You can go for lunch with one fictional character, who do you choose?

9. Someone gets you a sandwich without asking what filling you want. What’s the worst thing they could’ve bought you?

10. It’s been a week since you went grocery shopping. What’s you’re go-to make-do meal?

11. The End is nigh! But what sort of apocalypse would you prefer to see the universe be destroyed by?

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